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Dear online¬†family and friends, rejoice with me for there is reason to celebrate, with tears of Joy and Gladness!!! The journey has been a long one, but as they say, “all is well that ends well!” Please help me welcome to the Gordon¬†Tribe, our newest member of the family!!! – HADASSAH (Hebrew) – Myrtle Flower/Tree – the Hebrew name of the Jewess whose Persian name was Esther, who, born in a foreign land, rose to the pinnacle of the Medo-Persian empire when God used her to help deliver His people. She was born for such a time as this. Also named in honor of her paternal grandmother whose middle name is spelled the same way except without the two H’s. GRACE – as is pronounced in English is originally from Latin and means Charm, Favor, Gift, and used (like its greek counterpart charis) to indicated the Divine influence upon the heart, especially when undeserved. Even when other’s in this life treat you unfairly, her name will be a reminder to us always to offer grace, as we also don’t deserve the same from God, He has given it to us. We must do the same! ROYANNE – (of Irish, Gaelic and English origin (wow)) In honor of her maternal grandfather Roy, which in English means Royal. The feminine derives from the (get this) Arabic – Roya, which means Vision, Dream. GORDON (Celtic, English (mostly through Scotland) – which means Great Hill. Many hills have been climbed in this journey, but one really great hill was climbed on her behalf, our behalf, your behalf and that’s Calvary! Welcome HADASSAH GRACE ROYANNE GORDON – my princess!

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