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Presentation Notes

The History of Redemption Series

The “struggle” between good and evil that exists in our world today is a struggle that predates human history.  This struggle did not originate with us but began in Heaven when a created being, the highest of the angels, corrupted himself, chose to deny God’s government and turn against God.  As a result of this, war broke out in Heaven and the entire universe became involved in this great controversy, a cosmic conflict, between good and evil.  But this conflict did not take God by surprise; He had a plan – the Plan of Redemption.  But the plan of redemption is not merely about us, it is about God and His character.  We were created simply to play the part in this plan for which we were designed, that of bearing His character and reflecting His love.  We were chosen by God to “help” Him demonstrate to an onlooking universe what He is really like as a selfless God of love, and thus vindicate His name.  Join us for this life-changing series…

Notes and recordings will be made available soon after the live presentations.


  • January 2, 2016 – The Truth about Michael – Download notes and audio
  • January 23, 2016 – Why Didn’t God Destroy the Devil? – Coming Soon

Our Greatest Need

As we look around our world today we see a world in dire need.  There is strife and poverty everywhere and for many there seems to be no hope.  As Christians God has given us a commission to take a message to the world (Matthew 28:19 & 20), the gospel of hope – that of His Second Coming!  But as a church we are also in need, for the work that God has given seems to languish almost like the world languishes.  So what is it that we need to accomplish this work?  The answer may seem all too simple, but let us prayerfully go back to God’s word as we study today.